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Evaluation of the Retired Mentors for New Teachers Program

This REL Central study involves a randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of the Retired Mentors for New Teachers program for probationary teachers developed by Aurora Public Schools (APS) in Aurora Colorado.


Description of Legislation and Policies Related to Competency-Based Education

This REL Central study provides a summary of legislation and policies related to academic credit, student accountability and assessment, and high school and postsecondary admission requirements related to competency-based education.


Examining Evaluator Feedback in Teacher Evaluation Systems

This REL Central proposed study will describe teacher experiences with feedback as part of a teacher evaluation system and will identify factors that may influence teachers’ use of feedback and their performance.


Formative Assessment Effects on Student Learning: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

This REL Central study will help shape districts’ support and professional development for teachers by reviewing and summarizing research that evaluates the impact of formative assessment practices on student academic achievement and non-academic achievement outcomes.

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Examining Teacher Ratings of Student Proficiency in a Competency-Based Education System

In a competency-based education (CBE) system, student learning is tracked through attainment of clearly defined learning targets. The success of such a system depends, in part, on teachers being able to accurately assess students’ knowledge using varying types of evidence.

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Literature Summary of Research on Internet-Supported Instructional Interventions that Offer Differentiated Learning Opportunities

With the growing interest in competency-based education, and the increasing popularity of online and blended-learning interventions, members of REL Central’s College and Career Readiness Research Alliance have asked for a summary of research on K–12 internet-supported interventions that offer differentiated learning opportunities.