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A guide for monitoring district implementation of educator evaluation systems

The implementation of new educator evaluation systems has become an important issue for states and districts.A new guide developed by REL Central provides a three-step process for state departments of education to monitor district implementation of state- or district-developed educator evaluation systems:
1. Develop state guidelines for educator evaluation systems.
2. Develop data-collection methods for both policy and practice data.
3. Determine adherence criteria and review data against the criteria.

For each step of the process, the guide provides sample tools developed by REL Central and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Districts can use the process and tools to self-monitor implementation and guide further development of their educator evaluation systems.

 Tchr ToolkitSZ

Instructional Improvement Cycle: A Teacher’s Toolkit for Collecting and Analyzing Data on Instructional Strategies

This toolkit, developed by REL Central in collaboration with York Public Schools in Nebraska, provides a process and tools to help teachers use data from their classroom assessments to evaluate promising practices. The toolkit provides teachers with guidance on how to deliberately apply and study one classroom strategy over the course of one unit and systematically document and compare results to consider the effects of a given instructional strategy on student learning. The process for testing the strategy uses a scientific approach by comparing the performance of students who receive the strategy to the performance of a similar group of students who do not receive the strategy. Teachers can use this information to reflect on their practice and consider adjustments to their instruction to increase student learning.

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The Examining Evaluator Feedback Survey

The Examining Evaluator Feedback Survey is a tool for administrators to gather information on teachers’ perceptions of the feedback they receive from their evaluator and on teachers’ self-reported responses to that feedback. This report contains the survey questions and information about how the survey was developed and how it can be used.

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An Educator’s Guide to Questionnaire Development

Sound education policy and practice may require decisions based on new information collected on attitudes, perceptions, or facts in a school or community. This guide offers a five-step process to design effective questionnaires that follow research-based guidelines and can be used to survey students, teachers, or parents. It also lists resources on sample selection, questionnaire administration, and data collection, analysis, and presentation.