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Formative Assessment Research Alliance


The Formative Assessment Research Alliance (FARA) was created to provide a forum for regional educators, policymakers, and researchers to discuss and study the role of formative assessment in student learning.

Goals Include…

  • Increasing the use of formative assessment (strategies, programs, frameworks, etc.) in classrooms and learning from those initiatives
  • Increasing the use of research, data, and analysis by policymakers and practitioners as they relate to formative assessment


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Research Alliance Events

On-site event:
Formative Assessment Research and Implications for Practice, November 2, 2015 event at ESU #3 in Nebraska.

Webinar: The Formative Assessment Research Alliance 2014 Webinar Series

Formative Assessment Evidence: How to plan for and respond to evidence of learning (Part Three of a Three-Part Series)

The Essence of Formative Assessment: Creating a Common Understanding of the Formative Assessment Process (Part One of a Three-Part Series)





Federal reports

Cross-REL reports

FARA-meetingMembers of the Formative Assessment Evidence Review Team are excited about this month’s progress.
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Web Resources

Interactive WebEx on Formative Feedback with Dr. Susan Brookhart
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
recorded meeting

Here you will find a downloadable version of Feedback Checklist and Analysis Guide. Participants should print and have handy multiple (5) hard copies.
Feedback Checklist and Analysis Guide 



    Helen Apthorp, PhD
    (303) 766-9199 ext. 317


    Marianne Reale, MEd
    (303) 766-9199 ext. 321